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Now part of PCC's Engineered Products Division, University Swaging is a unique machining, swaging, and assembly center providing the industry's most technologically advanced structural and kinematic control rod assemblies, flight control mechanisms, and swaged cable assemblies.

Founded in 1947, the company was purchased by Primus in 2000, and before the close of the decade, expanded more than twofold into a new 110,000 square foot facility. The company's success can be attributed to continuity of leadership and a strong vision for growth of capabilities and products. Today the site benefits from shared opportunities and cooperation with KaliStrut Aerospace, which has also maintained a leading market position in the area of metallic rods for more than 35 years.

Recent engineering projects include pylon struts, interior tie rods, hold open rods, flight control rods, wing-to-body fairing support rods, door mechanisms and rods, and structural support rods for Airbus, Boeing, Embraer, and Gulfstream.

Precision Castparts Corp. acquired Primus International in August, 2011.

University Swaging Shop Floor


Capabilities include:

  • Design, Development, Production, and Support
  • Fifteen Swaging Machines - 120 x 6 in Diameter (3,048 x 152 mm)
  • 3 & 4-Axis Medium/Complex Aluminum and Hard Metal Machining - 84 x 30 x 25 in (2,133 x 762 x 635 mm)
  • Chemical Processing | Nadcap Approved NDT
  • Global Supply Chain Management

Core Product Areas include: 

  • Flight Control Rods and Cable Assemblies
  • Engine/Nacelle Struts and Braces
  • Structural Support and Suspension Links
  • Door Actuation Rod and Cable Assemblies
  • Landing Gear Pushrods, Links, and Pistons

Testing Facilities Capabilities include:

  • Rexnord Technical Services
    • Static Testing (Tension & Compression)
    • Fatigue Testing
    • Vibration / Windmilling
    • Salt Spray
  • Dayton T Brown
    • Static Testing (Tension & Compression)
    • Fatigue Testing
    • Vibration / Windmilling
    • Salt Spray
    • Environmental Testin

Products & Services

Mechanical Flight Control Assemblies

  • Rudder
  • Elevator
  • Trim Tab
  • Wing Surface Actuation (Flap, Aileron, Leading and Trailing Edges)
  • Cockpit Controls (Rudder Pedals, Brakes, Column Override

Engine and APU Supports

  • Pylon Struts
  • Thrust Links
  • APU Mount Struts

Mechanical Flight Control Cable Assemblies

University Swaging University Swaging


University Swaging

6525 240th St. SE, SE Bldg A
Woodinville, WA 98072

Phone:  425-318-4500

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