From high-speed milling machines to structural assemblies, Exacta Aerospace’s capabilities are wide-ranging to fit our customer needs.

Founded in 1978, Exacta offers a vast array of 3, 4 and 5 axis aluminum and hard-metal machines that produce parts ranging from those that will fit in the palm of your hand to ones that top out at 165 inches long.

Exacta can use its machine and fab detail components to produce complex, tight-tolerance assemblies ready for aircraft installation. With an ever-changing aerospace industry in which customers continually ask suppliers to integrate and innovate, Exacta is responding to the call.

Exacta Aerospace was acquired by Precision Castparts Corp. in July, 2013.


  • High Speed Machining (33,000 RPM)
    • 5-axis aluminum machining including hogouts up to 157 x 59 in (3,987.8 x 1,498.6 mm)
    • 5-axis hard metal machining including hogouts up to 165 in (4,191mm)
    • 4-axis machining including complex aluminum, steel or titanium hogouts up to 43 x 43 in (1,092.2 x 1,092.2 mm)
    • Complex turning
  • Complex Assembly and Kitting
  • Supply Chain Management

Products & Services

  • Structural Assemblies
  • Blocker Doors
  • Truss Ribs
  • Bulkheads
  • Fan Cowl Support Beams
  • Splice Ribs

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Exacta Aerospace

4200 W Harry St.
Wichita, KS 67209

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