Centra's culture has been built on a foundation of teamwork, technology and innovation. Through this foundation, it is building a sustainable, competitive organization.

  • Centra's high-performance work culture is focused on continuously improving the way it does business.
  • Centra's Continuous Improvement Tool Kit engages employees at all levels in a structured improvement journey.
  • Centra's Mission as a company incorporates a view there must be a Win, Win, Win, (Shareholders, Employees, Business Partners) - each is dependent on each other.
  • The key to its improvement strategy is the continued investment in leading-edge manufacturing and IT technologies.

Centra is committed to continuously developing its infrastructure of skill sets and capital equipment in order to support its customers ever-changing manufacturing environment.

Mission Statement

Why We Exist: To create long-term value for our stakeholders:

  • Our Shareholders
  • Our Employees and their Families
  • Our Business Partners

Core Values

What We Believe In:

  • Be passionate about being the best at what we do.
  • Take pride in our successes; knowledge from our failures.
  • Develop excellence in our people through knowledge, commitment and leadership.
  • Reward excellence, counsel mediocrity and rid ourselves of negativity.
  • Always be customer-focused.
  • Conduct ourselves with integrity and fairness.


What We Want to Be:

  • A great company to work with
  • A great company to work for
  • A formidable competitor
  • A company that consistently grows value

Centra Industries


High Speed Machining (33,000 RPM)

  • 3, 4, & 5-axis high speed machining of complex aluminum structures up to 13 ft (4m)
  • 3, 4, & 5-axis machining of stainless steel grades, titanium grades, nickel-based alloys and machining at 50+ Rc - up to 80 in. (2m)
  • Large tool change capacity

Assembly of Major Aircraft Sub-Structures

Metallic Assembly Core Competencies:

  • Typical assemblies include multiple machined details, bearings, bushings, sheet metal components and miscellaneous hardware
  • Takt driven, moving line assembly systems
  • Monolithic and complex multi-component assemblies
  • Adaptability to a wide range of components and production rates
  • Assembly mechanic ownership for product quality

Structural Assembly Core Competencies:

  • Large floor based jig assembly
  • In-house qualification of Final Acceptance Jigs (FAJ)
  • Precise part-to-part fit requirements
  • Assembly mechanic ownership for product quality


  • Digital model based certification
  • Electronic manufacturing information systems


Centra is a global leader in Integrated Aerostructures through:
  • Applying leading-edge machining technology.
  • Utilizing Lean Systems and Manufacturing technologies in the development of its Assembly Processes.
  • Leading in the development of information technology to simplify the complexity of its business.
  • Providing consistent performance in the Quality, Delivery and Cost of its services.
  • Being the Supplier of Choice when its customer is looking to develop or adopt a new initiative.

Level One

Aluminum Machining, Hard Metals Machining, Non-Core Systems & Items
  • Aluminum Machining - Up to 12 feet (3.6 M) / Hard Metals Machining - Up to 80 inches (2 M).
  • Complex Geometry.
  • Tight Tolerance.
  • Demands Technology.
  • Non-Core Systems/Items - Supply Chain Competency.

Level Two

Metallic Assemblies, Structural Assemblies "Sub-Structures"
  • Metallics are Key Cost Drivers.
  • Pulses at Program Build Rate.

Level Three

Structural Assemblies "Sub-Structures"
  • Complex Integration of Components.
  • Large floor-based jig assembly systems.


Check our supplier document library for Centra guides and quality documents.

Centra Procurement Department

Centra's procurement department is responsible for all aspects relating to supply chain development.

The department is responsible for:

  • Developing a loyal, skilled and innovative supplier base to support its manufacturing and operational needs
  • Assessing supplier capabilities to determine fit and growth opportunity
  • Negotiating price and contract terms with suppliers
  • Acting as a commodity-specific point of contact for supplier inquiries, status and projects
  • Monitoring performance and rating of suppliers based on cost, quality, delivery & responsiveness
  • Ensuring a competitive and high-performing supply base

What Does Centra Buy?

Centra buys services and materials to support production and operational needs.

  • Subcontract machining services (metallic and non-metallic materials)
  • Composite, sheet metal, formed and non-metallic components and hardware
  • Raw material
  • Component surface treatments
  • Capital equipment
  • Factory supplies and tooling
  • Miscellaneous operational support, products and services

What Does Centra Look For in a Supplier?

  • Cost, quality and schedule performance
  • Commitment to continuous improvement and integration of technology
  • Willingness and flexibility to grow with its business
  • Commitment to customer service and the ability to provide innovative solutions
  • Long-term partnership opportunities


Centra Industries, Inc.

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